Probe Information
The proto-oncogene N-MYC (MYCN), located on chromosome 2 at 2p24.3, is a transcription factor that plays a role in regulation of cell growth and proliferation. It is mainly expressed in the developing nervous system and is critical during neural crest embryogenesis. Myelocytomatosis viral homologue (MYCN) becomes rapidly down-regulated as tissues become terminally differentiated and growth-arrested1. Over-expression of MYCN seems to block differentiation and increase cell proliferation. MYCN amplification is the most important unfavourable prognostic factor for neuroblastoma and is amplified in 25% of cases2. Neuroblastoma is a dominating group of neuron tumours and is one of the most common solid tumours in children3.
Probe Specification
N-MYC, 2p24.3, Red
LAF4, 2q11.2, Green


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