NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold




Time-saving processing of 24 samples in parallel

• Parallel processing of silica columns (e.g., NucleoSpin® and
NucleoSnap) for nucleic acid purification
• Fast processing of large sample volumes

Material Polypropylene
Number of samples 1–24
Waste capacity ≤ 900 mL
Column compatibility NucleoSpin®, NucleoSnap


The NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold allows the parallel processing of silica columns for nucleic acid purification by vacuum. The silica columns (e.g., NucleoSpin® columns, NucleoSnap columns) can be attached to the upper luer slots of the vacuum manifold. Binding and washing steps of the NucleoSpin® or NucleoSnap procedures are carried out by vacuum instead of centrifugation, enabling timesaving procedures (NucleoSpin® products) and processing of large sample volumes (NucleoSnap products).

NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold setup


(1) Rubber closing plug
(2) Tubing connection
(3) Upper opening
(4) NucleoSpin® column
(5) Luer opening
(6) NucleoVac Mini Adapter
(7) NucleoVac Valves
(8) Luer plug

Close the lower threaded opening of the NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold with the rubber closing plug (1) . Screw in the tubing connection (2) in the upper opening (3) manually. Do not use a wrench as the conical screw thread might crack if the connection is over-tightened. Attach tube (not included in the product).

For processing NucleoSpin® (4) or NucleoSnap columns with the NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold, insert NucleoSpin® or NucleoSnap columns into the Luer openings (5)(a).

To avoid cross-contamination, it is recommended to use disposable NucleoVac Mini Adapters (6),  (b). For processing samples with different flow rates (e.g., large volume samples), it is recommended to use NucleoVac Valves (7) for maintaining constant vacuum pressure throughout the whole procedure (c). Close unused positions with Luer plugs (8), (d).



Ordering information


Pack of

Specification REF
NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold


NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold, 24 NucleoVac Mini Adapters, 24 Luer plugs, 2 tubing connections, 1 closing plug 740299
Product accessories

Pack of

Specification REF
NucleoVac Vacuum Regulator


For controlling of vacuum 740641
NucleoVac Mini Adapters


Luer adapters for connecting NucleoSpin® or NucleoSnap columns to NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold 740297.100
NucleoVac Valves


Valves for handling different flow rates of NucleoSpin® and NucleoSnap columns on a NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold 740298.24


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